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How Effective Are Nootropics and “Smart” Drugs?

Imagine a pill you can take to speed up your thought processes, boost your memory, and make you more productive. If it sounds like the ultimate life hack, you’re not alone. There are pills that promise that out there, but whether they work is complicated. Here are the most popular cognitive enhancers available, and what science actually says about them.


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How to Transfer “Old-School” Recruiting and Team Building Techniques to the Internet with Automation and Leverage

There’s a huge myth being perpetuated by 7-figure earners in network marketing...

Some of the folks spreading this ignorance are my close friends, so I don’t say this lightly.

And the myth is that...

You can’t build your business online in a duplicable way.

Now, it goes without saying that...

Duplicating what you do in your organization is key in network marketing.

Without that, you’ve got no network, which means you’ve got no business.

So some top earners have taken to telling their people...

“Don’t go online, it’ll ruin your business. Just do what I tell you instead!”

To me, that’s just plain wrong and irresponsible.

The fact of the matter is...

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Brands Beat Generics

When markets are new they are unproven, thus they often have limited investment targeting them.

That in turn means it can be easy to win in new markets just by virtue of existing.

It wouldn't be hard to rank well creating a blog today about the evolution of the 3D printing industry, or a how to site focused on Arduino or Raspberry Pi devices.

Couple a bit of passion with significant effort & limited competition and winning is quite easy.

Likewise in a small niche geographic market one can easily win with a generic, because the location acts as a market filter which limits competition.

But as markets age and become more proven, capital rushes in, which pushes out most of the generic unbranded players.

Back in 2011 I wrote about how Google had effectively killed the concept of category killer domains through the combination of ad displacement, vertical search & the algorithmic ranking shift moving away from relevancy toward awareness. 2 months before I wrote that post Walgreen Co. acquired for about $429 million. At the time was one of the top 10 biggest ecommerce pure plays.

Thursday Walgreens Boots announced it would shut down &

The company is still trying to fine tune its e-commerce strategy but clearly wants to focus more of its resources on one main site. “They want to make sure they can invest more of the equity in,” said Brian Owens, a director at the consultancy Kantar Retail. “ and are distractions.”

Big brands can sometimes get coverage of "meh" content by virtue of being associated with a big brand, but when they buy out pure-play secondary e-commerce sites those often fail to gain traction and get shuttered:

Other retailers have picked up pure-play e-commerce sites, only to shut them down shortly thereafter. Target Corp. last year shuttered and, less than three years after buying them.

The lack of publishing savvy among most large retailers mean there will be a water cycle of opportunity which keeps re-appearing, however as the web gets more saturated many of these opportunities are going to become increasingly niche options riding new market trends.

If you invest in zero-sum markets there needs to be some point of differentiation to drive switching. There might be opportunity for a or a targeting emerging and frontier markets where brands are under-represented online (much like launching in the US back in 1999), but it is unlikely pure-play ecommerce sites will be able to win in established markets if they use generically descriptive domains which make building brand awareness and perceived differentiation next to impossible.

Target not only shut down, but they didn't even bother redirecting the domain name to an associated part of their website.

It is now listed for sale.

Many short & generic domain names are guaranteed to remain in a purgatory status.

  • The price point is typically far too high for a passionate hobbyist to buy them & attempt to turn them into something differentiated.
  • The names are too generic for a bigger company to do much with them as a secondary option
    • the search relevancy & social discovery algorithms are moving away from generic toward brand
    • retailers have to save their best ideas for their main branded site
    • the rise of cross-device tracking + ad retargeting further incentivize them to focus exclusively on a single bigger site)

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Sunscreen Showdown: Creams vs. Sprays

Sunscreen is sunscreen, so you’d think the way you apply it doesn’t really matter, but choosing between cream or lotion and a spray-on sunscreen can impact the likelihood you’ll use it, the amount of coverage on your skin, and even the actual protection you get. Let’s find out which might be better for you in this sunscreen showdown.


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Wade Tonkin on Rooting for Tottenham Hotspur, Riding Amtrak, and the Exorcist Steps

Wade Tonkin, who is the Affiliate Manager at, joined me to chat on my podcast, This is Affiliate Marketing with Shawn Collins. I wanted to learn more about the real Wade, so I asked him a variety of questions I figured he had not been asked in previous interviews. We discussed… Cooking Korean BBQ […]

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3 Simple Steps to Recruit Leaders on Social Media

One of the most frequent questions I get asked about how to recruit on social media is:

“How can I target leaders and get actual BUSINESS BUILDERS to join my company?”

We’ve all experienced the time wasters and people who aren’t going to do anything, a.k.a not even look at your company/product let alone join it.

When I first came onto social media I wanted to was already committed to 90 hours a week of school and work, so time was a precious asset.

So precious in fact I had roughly 30 minutes a day to build my business.

I was 21 years old with a very immature and broke warm market, so needed to find a different way to build my home business.

On top of that like I said time was a big factor so I wanted a solution that would extend my warm market, get me more leads AND was super efficient.

I went searching for mentorship and found some training about how to build a business using social media.

Plain and simple, that training gave me hope.

It proved to me that there were people building online businesses using social media…

So if they could do it, why couldn’t I?

After lots of trial and tribulation, I finally found a strategy that worked...

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How to Retain 90% of Your Team and Hit Seven Figures Without Recruiting Friends or Family

Saying you can retain ninety percent of your team is a LOUD statement.

Saying you can retain 90% of a team built without recruiting anyone you know, during your first year in network thunderous.

And yes, I’m saying that every single rep is potentially a complete stranger, recruited from the cold market.

Not only that...

But I’m talking about your entire organization here—not just the people you recruit personally.

It’s a bold claim, I know.

Because normally your best, most loyal reps are people that already know and trust you, right?

So how do you do that?

And has anyone actually done this successfully?

The answer is yes.

I discovered this secret from my personal friend...

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