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4-Step Formula to More Traffic to Your Site in 30 Seconds or Less!


Have you ever heard of a chameleon?

You know, those li’l lizards that change color to adapt and survive in their current environment?

Believe it or not…

Chameleons can teach you almost everything you need to know about how to find success as an online business owner.

Here’s why…

The Internet is a constantly and forever-changing environment.

And it’s the online marketers who adapt the fastest to the never-ending changes in their online environment that will continue to profit and thrive!

So if you want to stay ahead of the curve and succeed with your business, you need to…

Think of yourself as a “Chameleon Business Owner”

22468_BlogGraphics_061116-04Before we go any further, I have a confession to make…

If you were to take a peek inside my business (with my husband and business partner Andrew), you’d see that I’m NOT the most tech-savvy entrepreneur.

Despite the fact that we’ve generated a multiple six-figure per year income for the past couple of years online, we still get frustrated just like anyone else by the “techie” side of things.

But our success has MUCH more to do with our ability to adapt than any technical “smarts.”

You see, by adapting and taking action quickly with what’s working right now on the online marketing platforms we use, we’ve been able to stay ahead of the curve and maximize our results.

The same can happen for you.

Here’s an example you can apply right now to your own business…

How to 3x your Facebook exposure

As of right now, Facebook is giving more organic exposure to video posts than anything else.

Don’t believe me?

Take just 2 minutes right after you read this article and scroll through your Facebook News Feed.

I’d be willing to bet that you’ll notice more video posts popping up in your News Feed than anything else.

What we’ve also discovered is that our video posts are getting three times the organic free exposure to our fans as any other post we put out there right now.

So what does that tell you?

Well, if you’re marketing on Facebook and want to be a Chameleon Business Owner

Video posts are the way to go!

22468_BlogGraphics_061116-06So what style of video should you use to get the most views and drive the most traffic to your content site?

One video style we’ve been using lately is what I like to call The 30 Second Teaser.

On average, most of our Facebook users watch a video posted on Facebook for 15-45 seconds.

That’s it!

If your goal is to send people to your website or blog to get more leads and buyers, posting a 3-5 minute training video on Facebook (like most marketers did just a few months ago) is no longer effective.

Here’s what you should do instead…

The “30 Second Teaser Formula”

When you create a short and engaging 30-Second Teaser Video, it increases curiosity and leaves your viewer no choice but to click on the link in your post that directs them to your blog!

Here’s an example of what this looks like on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 3.53.21 PM

That’s all there is to it!

Ready to create your own?

Here’s the best 4-Step Formula we’ve found for teaser videos on Facebook…


On Facebook, you have 5 seconds or less to get your viewer hooked into wanting to know more before they keep scrolling through their News Feed, right on past your post.

One of the best ways to hook them into watching more of your video is to ask a question that digs deep into a problem they face or a benefit they want to accomplish.


“Want to know how you can (lose, recruit, get) ______ in _________ (time frame)?”

“Do you want more _______ (leads, reps, sales, customers)?”

“Have you ever wondered _______ (state problem, state benefit)?”

“Struggle with ________?”


In a 30 second video you need to create authority with lightning speed.

Just simply state your name and your specialty.

Doing so allows your viewer to make a personal connection with you, and makes them curious about what you’re going to share with them next.


“Hey, I’m Kate and I help home business owners learn to generate more leads and bring in more customers by using video marketing.”

“Hi, I’m Andrew and I teach people how to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle by changing just two habits in their daily routine.”


This is where you tell them what training you’ve created on your site to help them solve the problem you posed at the beginning of the video and what that information has done for you.


“I just finished editing a video that I posted on my blog covering a top-secret formula to create more customers by _____. This helped me increase my customers by ____ percent, and I know it can do the same for you. It’s not as hard as you might think.”


The goal of this teaser video is NOT to educate…

It’s to direct someone over to your blog!

If you don’t tell them what to do next, the majority of people won’t take action.

Your goal for the call to action in this style of video is to be as direct and descriptive as possible.


“Click the link right here and you’ll be taken over to my latest blog post that digs deeper into how you can ___________ (restate your question from the beginning of your video). Click the link in this post now and I’ll see you over on my blog!”

This strategy is powerful and it’s perfectly optimized for social media.

By reaching out and addressing problems (even for 30 seconds), it makes your audience instantly feel more connected to you and predisposed to click your link and check out your website or blog!


Did you know that Facebook can tell you the top hours of the day that your fans are hanging out on Facebook?

Here’s a quick tip to make sure that your 30-Second Teaser Video is being shown organically to as many of your Facebook Fans as humanly possible—100% for free.

  • Step 1: Go to the Admin Panel for your Facebook Fan Page
  • Step 2: Go to your Insights Tab
  • Step 3: Click on Posts Tab

You’ll see a grid with the times of day your Facebook Fans are most active.

Upload and post (or schedule) your 30-Second Teaser Video during the peak hours your fans are on Facebook to get them to see your video.

Next I’ll show you the power of syndicating these videos…

The strategy we used to generate over 75,000 leads and earn $850,281 online

22468_BlogGraphics_061116-03My hope is that after you read this article you’ll become a Chameleon Business Owner and adapt to the current online marketing environment by regularly creating these easy 30-Second Teaser Videos, just like I shared with you today.

And if you want to maximize your results and profitability…

Here’s how you take your Facebook strategy into interstellar overdrive:

  1. Create 30-Second Teaser Videos, targeting your fans on Facebook
  2. Direct your viewers to a conversion-optimized post on your blog
  3. Retarget everyone who watches your video or clicks with your blog’s opt-in offer to build your list

Then just rinse and repeat!

That’s the exact process I’ve used to build my business over the past two and a half years.

And if you’d like a point-for-point tutorial on how to quickly and easily implement this “traffic ecosystem” with just $10 and 10 minutes per day…

Check out this 100% FREE traffic workshop hosted by none other than my friend Tim Erway, CEO of Elite Marketing Pro.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for an immediate boost in traffic if you’re brand new to traffic generation and want to kick-start your success, this is for you.

It’s no secret that the best marketers are lifelong learners and fast action takers.

If you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for?

Just pick a time that works for you to attend Tim’s traffic workshop right here.


Kate McShea
Super Affiliate & Traffic Consultant
Elite Marketing Pro



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