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7 Ways to Guarantee Your Blog Stands Out from All the “Noise” on the Internet

We are drowning in information.

Seriously, there's so much content being produced it'll make your head spin.

Check out these stats...

205 billion emails are sent daily
30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook monthly
200 billion tweets are tweeted yearly (that's 6,000 tweets every second!)
58.3 million new WordPress posts are published monthly
300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube each minute

Look at the sheer immensity of those numbers.

They boggle the mind.

And what's even crazier?

According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt...

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The Dinner Music Playlist

You’ve set the table, lit the candles, and now you’re ready to dig into this meal you’ve been working on for hours. Set the mood with this soothing dinner music playlist.


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Four Ways You Can Save On Prescription Drug Costs

Prescription drugs can cost an arm and a leg, even if you have insurance. Here are four simple tips for finding the best prices on the medications you need.


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NFL Legend Paul Hornung Files Lawsuit Against Helmet Maker Riddell

Corboy & Demetrio and Brad Sohn law firms have filed a concussion lawsuit on behalf of Paul Hornung against Riddell.

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The Gradual Process of Gaining Confidence

Being hard on ourselves and others, we often assert that we either have confidence—or we don’t. Yet gaining confidence is a gradual process. It is only with practice that we learn to handle our affairs with proficiency and ease. Through practice, we learn to trust ourselves and our decisions, developing our self-assurance. Inherent within us, our self-assurance is Read More

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IBS Investment Bank Provides Over $210 Million in Financings During First Half 2016

IBS Investment Bank today announced that it has provided funding for over $210 Million in new financings for real estate investors and US based businesses.

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Jim Kukral on Local Politics, Tucker Max, and Mandals

Jim Kukral, who has published ten books and owns the Author Marketing Club, an online tools and training membership with over 27,000 members, joined me to chat on my podcast, This is Affiliate Marketing with Shawn Collins. I wanted to learn more about the real Jim, so I asked him a variety of questions I […]

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Global Eyewear Market to Find Opportunities in Increasing Occurrence of Eyesight Disorders

Global Eyewear Market 2016-2020 - High Prevalence of Eyesight Disorders - Market Research HUB

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Writer’s Block: 27 Ways to Crush It Forever

Let me guess… You’re staring at the blank screen. Your brain is fried. You can feel a headache coming on. You know you should be writing, but… You can’t do this anymore. Your muse is gone. Your well of inspiration is empty. Finished.  Stone-dry. You’re not just bored or tired. No, no. This is far(...)

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The Hulking Robot Desktop

Giacomo’s Windows 10 desktop doesn’t have a ton of skins or moving parts, but combined with that wallpaper it’s pretty dramatic. Here’s how he set it all up, and how you can too.


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