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Box Island on iOS Teaches Kids Coding Fundamentals Through Fun Puzzles

If you’re looking for way to get your kids learning this summer, Box Island is a fun, engaging iOS game that uses puzzle-like levels to teach kids the elements of coding.


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Lisa Picarille on Her First Tweet, Glamping, and Dan Lyons

Lisa Picarille, a veteran journalist who began her career as a professional sports writer in Boston and has headed the news departments of major high tech news organizations, joined me to chat on my podcast, This is Affiliate Marketing with Shawn Collins. She entered the affiliate marketing space as Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Revenue Magazine, […]

The post, Lisa Picarille on Her First Tweet, Glamping, and Dan Lyons by Shawn Collins, was originally published on the Affiliate Marketing Blog.

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Georgia Assembly on Concierge Medicine Adds Congressman Tom Price, MD and Dan Hecht As Keynotes

Atlanta plays host to Concierge Medicine leadership, August 12-13, 2016 at The Marriott Century Center.

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The Holy Grail of Gold Box Deals Features All of Your Favorite Anker Gear

Anker makes your favorite Bluetooth earbuds , battery packs, Lightning cables , and (a lot) more, and a whole bunch of their best stuff is on sale today in Amazon’s Gold Box.


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The Departure Songs Desktop

We’ve seen some simple desktops and some busy ones, but this one from reader Peregerine, walks the line pretty well. It keeps a lot of the space in the center clear so you have plenty of room to work, but also adds some widgets and tools around the periphery that are useful and informative.


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The Cost of Being Agreeable

We learn to articulate our personal power by saying no. Feeling my desire to be agreeable, and my fear of rejection, I say no anyway. I learn to be more me. There is wonder in the myriad of consequences created by responding negatively to requests. There is magic in how life moves forward, without interruption. “No” proves to Read More

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4-Step Formula to More Traffic to Your Site in 30 Seconds or Less!

Have you ever heard of a chameleon?

You know, those li'l lizards that change color to adapt and survive in their current environment?

Believe it or not...

Chameleons can teach you almost everything you need to know about how to find success as an online business owner.

Here's why...

The Internet is a constantly and forever-changing environment.

And it's the online marketers who adapt the fastest to the never-ending changes in their online environment that will continue to profit and thrive!

So if you want to stay ahead of the curve and succeed with your business, you need to...

Think of yourself as a "Chameleon Business Owner"

Before we go any further, I have a confession to make...

If you were to take a peek inside my business (with my husband and business partner Andrew), you’d see that I’m NOT the most tech-savvy entrepreneur.

Despite the fact that we've generated a multiple six-figure per year income for the past couple of years online, we still get frustrated just like anyone else by the "techie" side of things.

But our success has MUCH more to do with our ability to adapt than any technical "smarts."

You see, by adapting and taking action quickly with what’s working right now on the online marketing platforms we use, we’ve been able to stay ahead of the curve and maximize our results.

The same can happen for you.

Here’s an example you can apply right now to your own business...

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Your Favorite Lightning Cables: Anker PowerLine and PowerLine +

When it comes to third party Lightning cables, Anker’s kevlar-wrapped PowerLine (and braided PowerLine+) cables reigned supreme in the nomination round of this week’s Kinja Co-Op, with AmazonBasics consolidating support as a budget-friendly alternative.


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Pullman Bangkok King Power Introduces New Experience, ‘Our World Is Your Playground’ This 2016

Pullman Bangkok King Power announces a new renovation project under the concept of, "Our World Is Your Playground."

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How to Find Recruit a Team of a Super Distributors

I have been asked more times than I can count, “So, Kosta, just how do you decide which people to approach when it comes to building your network marketing business?” My answer, “It doesn’t matter! You never know which prospect will pursue an organic networking opportunity with a vengeance.”

Diamonds in the Rough

Ever wonder why a high-quality diamond is so expensive? I once watched a PBS documentary on mining for diamonds. Although there are four basic ways to mine diamonds, to find a one carat diamond that will make it to Tiffany & Co., in New York, whatever method of mining is being employed, you would have to mine 250 tons of dirt to find one perfect diamond. Do the math. For you to pan for and find one high quality diamond, you would have to sift through one ton of dirt every day for 250 days. If you prefer to hire employees and purchase the equipment necessary to mine diamonds, it will cost you an average of $6 million per year to stay in business.

There are two distinct classes of diamonds...

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