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My First Weekly Video Post (The Quick Start Challenge)

This is my first time that i make a video online! But it’s not my first time on cam, long time ago, i have recorded a lot of videos when i was a kid you know at that age were we record videos and make funny things using handy cam. Will later on i participate on a T.V series when i’m at the age of 17 for the national TV. Each series is a separated episode, then also i did some TV commercial advertising and later after i worked in the airlines as a Flight attendant , so i left all that because of traveling around the world, 11 years later i left the airlines and started my online journey then internet marketing.

Hi, my name is Wael Kaheel and i would like to welcome you in my Blog. And would like to share with you this video

As i Finally decided to make a weekly video post in my blog, i will be talking about different things each week.

Will with that said , i want to Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my video. Until the next time take care

and see you soon .My First Video online pic


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  1. Avatar

    I like your video background, and also the bloopers at the end!
    Well done, happy to be part of the Challenge with you!

  2. Avatar

    Hello Wael, You did a great job on your video. I really like your intro and logo design as well. Best of luck to you with the challenge.

  3. Avatar

    Brooo, I have to say I love the video and the editing that goes along with it 😀 I even liked the bloopers at the end. I can definitely see you as a bigger authority as time goes on. Heck, you got me taking notes for those transitions in the video lol. Keep up the good work!!

  4. Avatar

    Wael, nice work. I enjoyed it!
    Nice introduction and logo. How did you edit that into a video?
    Best of luck!

    • Avatar

      Hi Petre,

      Thanks for your kind comment, for the video intro i bought a ready
      intro from videohive and went to Fiver to edit my video with my
      logo. There is also many ready intros in Fiver under $10.

      For video editing i use Screenflow for Mac if you use windows
      i recommend using Camtasia

      Hope that helps


  5. Avatar

    I really like to intro part to this video. Pretty good for a first video. Keep going and you will get better and better. Great work

  6. Avatar

    I can see you are knowledgeable with the art of making videos.You are also calm and relax that shows you are natural in front of the camera great job keep it on

  7. Avatar

    Hello Wael,

    good first video. Keep up your good work and you will have success while the QSC 3.0.

  8. Avatar

    Great Video Wael especially liked the intro and the bloopers at the end.

    How did you create the Intro for your video, would love to be able to do the same?



    • Avatar

      Hi Grant,

      Glad you like it thanks, for the intro i bought a ready
      intro from videohive and went to Fiver to edit my video
      with my logo. There is also many ready intros in Fiver under $10

      Hope that helps


  9. Avatar

    Thank you all for your comments

  10. Avatar

    I enjoyed the bloopers at the end so much! Thank you Kaheel!

    Enjoy the Game!


  11. Avatar


    Nice video, I like the sketch at the bottom looks really good. Also like that you left in some of the out takes. good view of how it went for you.


    • Avatar

      Hi Rich,

      Thanks for drooping by and your kind words.

      I visited your blog but couldn’t post a comment because it’s closed,
      try to install commentluv plugin for comment if it’s not already installed
      it’s the best.


  12. Avatar

    Hey Wael,

    well done for our first video 🙂

    Keep going! I wish you all the best!

  13. Avatar

    Hi Wael,

    I liked your animated logo in your video and the bloopers at the end was different.

    You did a great job 🙂

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